DStar Mobile Hotspot and MB6CY/MB6ICY

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Last updated:
12th April 2015

My D-Star Mobile Hotspot

The NO9S International Macro-Node grab and go box

Why use an NO9S Macro-Node?

Consisting of a

  • 70cm’s DVAP;
  • a Raspberry Pi;
  • a Wi-Fi;
  • a cell-fone charging battery for portable working or mains voltage powered when I am at home
  • and a ‘3’ Mi-Fi when I am in the UK or a T Mobile Mi-Fi when I am in the USA.

The Macro-Node achieves the objective in that it provides me with connectivity wherever I travel in the UK or in the USA. At home in the UK, the Macro Node simply talks into my home network.

The benefit of this is that –

  1. I can always run the ID31 HT in super low power setting (100mW) and I can talk around the world.
  2. The Icom battery lasts forever and a day in SLO mode.
  3. It is not necessary to tie-up a local repeater to make a connection. In essence, you have your very own local repeater and you can go wherever you care to go.

The GPS and the APRS is a nice feature too. A couple of my recent journeys whilst using the ID31 and the Macro-Node is reproduced here –

To view other APRS traffic in the Manchester area go to here -

APRS traffic

The D-Star dashboards, of which there are many, are a useful indicator of who can be heard where.


Frequencies    MB6CY 144.825MHz &
MB6ICY 431.125MHz.
Location Oldham, Approx 900 feet asl
TX/RX. Yaesu FT8800; DVRPTR V1;
Raspberry Pi;
G4KLX software; Icom ID5100  
EchoLink G3VFP Interface
Software Echolink Sysop
Linking Software
Timeout is 3 minutes

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