DStar Gateway in Skegness, UK.

MB6CY/MB6ICY 144.8625 MHz.

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Last updated:
12th March 2020

The NO9S International Macro-Node grab and go box

Why use an NO9S Macro-Node?

Consisting of a

  • 70cm’s DVAP;
  • a Raspberry Pi;
  • a Wi-Fi;
  • a cell-fone charging battery for portable working or mains voltage powered when I am at home
  • and a ‘3’ Mi-Fi when I am in the UK or a T Mobile Mi-Fi when I am in the USA.

The Macro-Node achieves the objective in that it provides me with connectivity wherever I travel in the UK or in the USA. At home in the UK, the Macro Node simply talks into my home network.

The benefit of this is that –

  1. I can always run the ID31 HT in super low power setting (100mW) and I can talk around the world.
  2. The Icom battery lasts forever and a day in SLO mode.
  3. It is not necessary to tie-up a local repeater to make a connection. In essence, you have your very own local repeater and you can go wherever you care to go.

The GPS and the APRS is a nice feature too. A couple of my recent journeys whilst using the ID31 and the Macro-Node is reproduced here –

To use MB6CY C you need to program your Rpt 1 as MB6CY C and Rpt 2 as MB6CY G. -the C and the G being the eighth digit.

Failure to program your radio in this way will mean that no-one, other than local local stations, will hear you.

MB6CY is tethered by default to Reflector DCS102B in Kissimmee Florida.

If you would prefer to link to a different Repeater, or Reflector, simply send the Reflector and mode with

the 'L' to link in your 'UR' field.

Example, to link to reflector 1C. In your UR field, put REF001CL.

MB6CY will then disconnect from the

reflector which it is currently linked to and your command will be executed, saying "Linked to Ref001C".

Thereafter, change your UR field back to CQCQCQ.

To view other APRS traffic in the Skegness area go to here -

APRS traffic

The D-Star dashboards, of which there are many, are a useful indicator of who can be heard where.


Frequencies    MB6CY 144.8625 MHz.
Location Skegness
TX/RX. Yaesu FT8800; DVRPTR V1;
Raspberry Pi;
G4KLX software; Icom ID5100  
EchoLink G3VFP Interface
Software Echolink Sysop
Linking Software
Timeout is 3 minutes

GB3PZ website


Skegness is a coastal town in the County of Lincolnshire proud of its aviation heritage.


Skegness Promenade

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